Three Questions You Should Ask Your Realtor Before Hiring Him

Interviewing a Realtor before you plan to make your next Real Estate move is vital. It is your prerogative and in your best interests to choose the best Realtor who’s a good fit for you.  You are about to make a very important transaction and it is only natural to be selective. You need to size up those you want to help you plot your next move and not just rely on the first Realtor you meet. Asking the right questions will help you filter out and identify the Realtor you want to work with.  

Here are three questions you should ask your Realtor before hiring him. 

Question # 1: How does your track record stand out from the competition? 

This question will let you know long he has been involved in the business and what he thinks makes him one of the best in the Real Estate Industry. This is the Realtor’s chance to prove why he is the right candidate for you. Experience, qualifications and having the right kind of network should be highlighted as these are the things you need to know about your Realtor to assess his strengths and weaknesses. Be wary though as some Realtors tend to exaggerate their claims just to impress you. A background check will help you validate his answers. 

Question # 2: How will you help me achieve my Real Estate goals? 

Have a clear objective and let him know this is exactly what you want from him to do for you. Letting him know your objectives in advance also puts him in a better position to prepare and assess his capabilities if he can truly help you. His answers should let you know his plans and how long it would normally take to achieve your goals. You’ll also know if he’s worth the rates he’s charging you for his services.  

Question # 3: Do you have past clients who were unsatisfied with your service? 

This is a tough question for Realtors that you should be asking. You will know their level of professionalism, how they handle negative feedback and the steps they’ve taken to learn from their mistakes. No Realtor is perfect. Making mistakes is an essential part of learning and growth. Those who tell you that all their past clients were happy and satisfied with their services should make you ask for a list of their last 10 clients or so and ask each one. If the Realtor shows any sign of hesitation, you’ll know he’s not telling the truth.  

Remember that a working business relationship is not just about one party. It’s two parties working towards the same goals and complementing each other’s strengths and weaknesses.  



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